Sometimes a little counseling can help.

People, communication, relationships,
emotions and daily life can be hard.

Being human is messy and there are times that we need a counselor to talk to. Sometimes it’s glorious, beautiful, fantastical inspirational messiness, and then sometimes it can be painful. Work/life balance and self-care are almost always thrown out the window when the mess takes over. Maybe sometimes, as a result, we learn lessons from the messes. Other times it takes a while, and maybe also we need some help to find our way out of our favorite not-so-great habits. Additionally, if you are an expat living in a new culture, there are other changes to deal with on top of all of the everyday stuff.

Talking to a counselor can be like having your own personal emotional tour guide. It’s my job to help point out the cool stuff you might not see as you wander along. Counseling can be a really helpful tool for those times when we aren’t sure what we need to change, and how to go about creating that change for ourselves.

Do you want to schedule an individual counseling session?

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[My office is located in central Lisbon, near the Rato metro.]


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Creative Work/Life Balance Workshops for
Entrepreneurs, Digital Nomads, Expats & English speakers.


Counseling & Art Therapy for Individuals

One-on-one counseling sessions for expats & English speakers.


ATR Clinical Supervision & Consulting

Support for helping professionals who want to work creatively
with their clients.



What is a workshop like?

Creative work/life balance workshops are experiential in nature, and range from basic self-care discussions and tool-building (such as doodling to relax) to more intensive and intimate explorations. The goals of the workshops are to learn to connect to your core self, practice self-nurturance, give yourself permission to feel the feelings, and embrace your creativity.

No prior art experience is necessary!


In Lisbon

Previous workshops:

Self-Care & Creativity: Visualize 2018 through collage
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Self-Care & Creativity: Drawing as a meditation
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Drinks & Doodles: How to doodle for relaxation and stress-relief
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In the US

There are no workshops currently scheduled for the US. Contact me if you are interested in scheduling a workshop for your conference or team of worker bees.



Around the World

Contact me if you are interested in scheduling a workshop for your conference or team of worker bees, wherever they may be!


Counseling for English Speakers

What happens in counseling?

We all struggle every now and then. It is important we learn to give ourselves permission to feel like stuff is hard. In counseling, we will focus together on your strengths and individual needs. Instead of asking you to make changes according to a set recipe, we figure out what combination works best for you. We might talk about your experiences in your family of origin, and how they have influenced the choices you make in your life. If you are feeling stuck in the same old patterns, then we can work toward increased self-confidence, how to advocate for yourself and learn more productive communication skills. And at the same time, we can talk about how to validate and hold all the feelings that come up.

My style as a therapist/counselor is very interactive. I am not the type to just nod and make encouraging sounds. We will get in there and have a conversation about what is really going on. Sometimes it might be uncomfortable, but that means we are getting somewhere. My goal is to get you thinking about YOU. I ask questions, give suggestions, and tell stories that hopefully will help you to understand why you do what you do.

In therapy-speak, I work with people making their way through stressful situations, anxiety, loss, life changes, family issues, and experiences of past trauma and abuse. The letters after my name include LMFT (WA State licensed marriage and family therapist/LF60099926) and ATR-BC (board certified art therapist). In addition, I am also a Washington State approved supervisor. My Master’s degree is a dual degree in psychology and art therapy from Antioch University Seattle. I work from a culturally aware, holistic approach and take into account physical (somatic), psychological, environmental, and emotional health. I also use an eclectic blend of techniques to achieve client goals, including cognitive-behavioral (CBT), dialectical-behavioral (DBT), solution-focused, client-centered, mindfulness, and gestalt approaches.

Art therapy may be integrated into counseling as a nonverbal alternative or addition to the process. For more information about art therapy, click here.

Want to schedule an individual session?

Appointments are available!
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[My office is located in central Lisbon, near the Rato metro.]


Looking for Art Therapy Supervision?

I am a Washington State Approved Supervisor and offer post-graduate supervision and case consultation to other therapists, both those seeking LMFT or LMHC licenses, and Registered Art Therapist (ATR) credentials from the Art Therapy Credentials Board. My supervision style is much like my therapy style, in that I have a direct approach with a strong family-systems foundation and a focus on CBT and solution-focused theoretical perspectives mixed with the use of expressive therapy techniques.

Supervision is really fun for me – I love working with clinicians who are just getting started in their lives as a therapist. I always find it exciting to be with you on your journey as you get to understand your learning curve and figure out just what kind of therapist you want to be.

Therapists need support too, and supervision and case consultation provides a confidential and safe place to learn more about yourself as a therapist, your clients, and ways in which you might become more effective as a provider.

If you are interested in distance supervision, please contact me and we can see if we are a good fit. Cost for distance supervision is $50 per hour and is payable via PayPal or Square Cash.

Interested in coming to Portugal for a supervision intensive? We can make that happen. Contact me to work out the details.


Coloring for Self-Care

COLOR BECAUSE is now available for purchase on Amazon! You know you need a new coloring book!!!


Why coloring?

Adult coloring books have become very popular. And it’s true that they can be an excellent way to distress and manage anxiety! Playing with markers and colored pencils and crayons can make you feel good, and if you like to do it, then go for it! Any kind of creative expression is a useful coping skill and can open the floodgates of creativity.

Here are my rules for a successful coloring session:

It’s for YOU.
It’s relaxing, grounding, the opposite of anxiety-producing, it’s fun, it makes you feel okay, and you like to do it.
It gives you an excuse to watch so-bad-it’s-good reality TV or whatever you only admit you watch to a kindred spirit. You know what I mean.
Podcasts and coloring go great together.
It’s a reason to buy new art supplies. {My name is Jennifer and I hoard markers}

And please remember… coloring is awesome, but it is not a substitute for work with your very own therapist. Sometimes we need a little more than just a book and there are many excellent counselors, therapists, art therapists, music and drama therapists and general expressive therapists out there in the world.

For more information on the intersections of coloring, creative expression, self-care, and therapy, here are some interesting articles: