About Art Therapy… there’s no wrong in art!

Art therapy is where the creative arts and psychology intersect. Art therapy helps to cultivate self-expression, create coping skills, manage stress, and strengthen sense of self. It can be used with a wide range of client populations, including people who face terminal illness, children with behavior problems, survivors of abuse and trauma, and families experiencing transition.

Art therapists are Master’s level mental health professionals trained in psychological theory and practice in tandem with the use of art media. Art therapists work in a variety of settings including mental health agencies, hospitals, schools, wellness centers, community programs, residential programs, shelters, correctional programs, and private practice.

Materials we might use are clay, paper, crayons, oil and chalk pastels, collage, markers, paint, coloring sheets, mandalas, and mask-making. You will have the option of leaving your work with me or taking it home after each session. Choice of media and its therapeutic use will be chosen by the client and therapist together based on client goals. An open dialogue between therapist and client will determine the best artistic pathways to explore the client’s counseling needs.

More information about art therapy can be found at www.arttherapy.org.

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