Everyone has stuff, everybody’s messy.

The first thing I tell clients, prospective clients, and random (or not-so-random) people asking me about therapy and art therapy, is that everyone has ‘stuff’ and everybody’s messy. People, communication, relationships, emotions and daily life is messy. Sometimes it’s gloriously, beautifully, fantastical inspirational messiness, and sometimes it sucks. Sometimes we learn (willingly and unwillingly) lessons from our messes, and sometimes it takes a while and maybe some assistance to relearn our way out of bad habits.

Helping people navigate through the challenging messiness is something that I love to do. Translating for families or partners who have lost their way in the communication jungle is energizing and inspiring for me, and reminds me to take that extra breath before I give in to road rage or snap at my husband (not that I always do so). Guiding someone out of the messiness of old patterns and into new or renewed healthy relationships and acknowledging their power and responsibility gives hope and encourages new growth and learning.

There are issues and experiences and moments that frustrate us throughout our lives. I hope to pick apart and begin to translate them here so that we can all experience more blissful messiness and less ick.

Please feel free to ask questions, suggest topics, and correct inaccurate information (appropriately and respectfully, of course!).

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