All information you share with me is confidential and will not be shared with any other person or agency except under the following circumstances:

  1. There is a medical or psychiatric emergency.
  2. You sign a release of information form specifying the information to be disclosed, as well as the person(s) to whom this information can be released.
  3. I have reason to believe that you may be in danger of harming yourself or others or cannot meet your basic needs.
  4. I have reason to believe that a child, elderly person, or developmentally disabled person is being abused in any way.
  5. Parents or legal guardians of non-emancipated minors have the right to access client records.
  6. You are involved in a lawsuit or legal situation and the court subpoenas your records.
  7. Insurance providers and other third-party payers request information regarding services to clients. Information that may be requested includes type of services, dates/times of services, diagnosis, treatment plan, and description of impairment, progress of therapy, case notes, and summaries.
  8. During supervisory consultation.

I obtain clinical supervision at least once a month. Supervisory consultation is utilized to help ensure that I provide you with the highest quality of work. During supervisory consultation, efforts will be made to disclose as little information as possible to ensure continued confidentiality.

In addition, I seek occasional consultation with other clinicians. These discussions are done under strictly professional and confidential circumstances, and I make every effort to hide the identity of clients to protect privacy.

Due to the nature of art therapy, you may be asked to sign an additional release regarding your artwork. This release is a document giving permission to share artwork during my clinical supervision and in consultation with colleagues. As with all of our work together, artwork will be presented in a way that will protect your identity.

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